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Available in Whole Wheat, White, or 10% Rye, this loaf is perfect to accompany a bowl of soup, alongside a salad, or as a  crisp, flavorful pannini! This loaf is made with commercial yeast, and gets it's flavor from a 24-36 hour fermentation process! The Sourdough option is made from our own Mother Culture named Lucy who is rocking her 8th year with us this August! 

  • Ingredients:

    Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast. (V)


    *Please ask for allergens before purchasing a specialty loaf.

  • Delivery and Pickup Info

    *All orders must be placed the Monday before the next Wednesday Market you wish to recieve them. Pickup from Druid Hill Farmer's Market 3:30-7:30pm outside the Rawlings Conservatory.



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