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Where Nontraditional Meets Magically Delicious

My name is Jen, and I am the Owner/Baker of Bakery Faie. As a Maine transplant to Baltimore with a passion for data collection and gardening, baking might have seemed a bit non-traditional at first...but non-traditional really should be my middle name! I believe all the fun comes from playing and manipulating recipes - changing hydration levels, protein contents, adding fruits, subtracting eggs - until something magically delicious happens! It gets even better when I can play with natural, local flavors and bring the Baltimore area truly something deliciously non-traditional!

Faie is the Olde English word for Fairy, meaning a small, sprite creature with some magical properties or powers, usually living in the woods and subsisting mainly upon their own ingenuity and the natural resources in their environment. This is the basis that Bakery Faie is built upon; shopping locally in Baltimore, using natural flavors, and utilizing creativity and love in every non-traditional product that I hand make.

Are you looking for a great loaf of bread...something a little bit non-traditional if you will? Bakery Faie produces non-traditional breads and pastries in small, handmade batches specifically for you or your small Baltimore-based business! Japanese Milk Bread, Wild Garlic Focaccia Loaves, Sourdough English Muffins, Pudding Filled Profiteroles, Fairy Blondies, Swiss Merengue Buttercream Cakes...these magically delicious, non-traditional breads and pastries are only an order away!


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